Welcome to the brand new Pukka Up website!

Well as you can probably see our friends at Thinkle have been very hard at work to bring you this brand spanking new website!

We at Pukka Up HQ absolutely love it, and we’re confident you will too! Whether you want to check yourself out in the latest photo galleries, or have a browse to see which legendary Pukka Up gig you can whizz yourself over to next….everything you need is here. We’ve even set up a new shop so you can get your hands on all our fab new merchandise for Ibiza 2009 before anyone else can!

If you want to get to know our team a bit better then just click on the link and you can have an insight into our Pukka Up lives, as well as our gorgeous Dirty Cops and amazingly talented DJs and live artists.

Tickets are available here, as are mixes from our DJs, literally anything you could possibly think of…..

What more could you want?