Pukka Up Album Release Date

For all those of you who have been eagerly awaiting to get your hands on the brand new Pukka Up album mixed by the Utah Saints then make sure you read on…………

Ask any regular of Ibiza what they love about the place and you’ll find that they all bare a burning penchant for the unique, the fabulous, the bad and – just occasionally – the dirty; trends that can’t be more highly acclaimed then with the Pukka Up family.


This season Pukka Up, founders of their legendary boat party experience, graciously bow down and accept a well deserved ten year knighthood, and to celebrate this feat have taken the bold melodic steps of releasing their very own album: Pukka Up – Mixed By Utah Saints.


Party people and pioneers of a whole new sound – the Utah Saints have risen from their creative shadows especially for Pukka Up, to produce an album that will quite literally blow you away.


Forget the genre; at Pukka Up it’s about the PEOPLE and the party THEY want. Anticipate an album lovingly blended by the old skool legends that broke numerous boundaries with releases such as, ‘What Can You Do For Me’, ‘Something Good’ and ‘Believe In Me’. Pukka Up – Mixed By Utah Saints is a delicious cocktail of classic tracks muddled with a Utah tonic of smoothed synthesized ingredients such as ‘Beat Goes Boom’ (Alex Schmitz) and ‘Dope Fiend’ (Audio Bullys), that makes for a club destroying beverage everyone will be drinking!


Amongst the privileged ears that have witnessed the album to date, the resounding consensus is that this is a unique insight into a diverse and original flavour not traditionally created by Pukka Up.  


It’s been ten inspiring years of a sun set marred by waving hands and rebellious faces. Now the manifesto gets serious, immerse yourself in a sound that’s set to capture many imaginations this coming season… Pukka Up, ‘A Law Unto Themselves’.   


Available on digital release through iTunes as of Sunday 26th July 2009.

Pukka Up – Mixed By Utah Saints

1. Oh Snap & Ed Orable – Everyone’s A DJ (DJ Mujava Remix)

2. Alex Schmitz – Beat Goes Boom (Original Mix)

3. Nadastrom – Pussy

4. Malente – Music Forever (Urchins Remix)

5. Miles Dyson – Minimal My Ass (Miles Dyson & Flutuance Remix)

6. Oddity – Twisted

7. Project Bassline – Drop The Pressure (Jack Beats ‘Rinsed Out Rave’ Remix)

8. Calvertron  – Phat Beat

9. Calerway – Run! Run! Run! (Aspin & Dipace Remix)

10. Crookers – Knobbers

11. Elite Force – Melodik Hypnotik (Miles Dyson Remix)

12. Wolfgang Gartner & Francis Preve – Yin

13. Audio Bullys – Dope Fiend (Malente Remix)

14. Utah Saints – Lost Vagueness (Deadly Avenger Infantile Vocal Remix

15. Tom Hades – Pure