Another sell out boat party- downunder!

After a hugely successful year down under last winter Pukka Up returns to Sydney Harbour for its third year and with yet another sell out bonza boat party! Bringing you all you need to know, we catch up with our events man about town Graham Cordney.

With another sell out event under our belt, would you describe Pukka Up Australia as a success?
Absolutely! This is the 3rd year of Pukka Up events in Sydney, and it has definitely been a hit with the club crowd down under!

How do the Australian partygoers rock the boat compared to the Ibiza crowd?
I think the parties we do here in Sydney are really authentic of the Pukka Up Ibiza vibe. We get a lot of ex-pats joining the party, who are already familiar with Pukka Up as a brand. So, as soon as the boat leaves the Opera House and sails under the bridge the excitement takes over and everyone is up for a good time!

How does it feel to party whilst cruising past the Sydney Opera house?
Amazing! Such a good feeling and there's few spots in the world as beautiful as Sydney harbour on a nice summers day – which of course is most of the time over here in Australia.

Which DJ do you think will create the biggest buzz on board and why?
Sam Walker – I'm really looking forward to hearing him again as he killed it when I heard him at Space in Ibiza. Then we have local Pukka Up regulars Robbie Santiago & Tass, who both made such a good impression on Pukka Up in Sydney that they've even gone on to play for the brand in the UK & Ibiza.

How best would you describe the Pukka Up sound?
Slamming, up-for-it, feel good house music – as it should be!

How will you translate the Ibiza theme to the far away Aussie shores?
It's crazy that even though the two places are so far apart, they actually aren't that different. We both have sand, sea, sun and lots of other things beginning with 'S'!

Why is this event not to be missed?
500 party people at one of the world's most unique party locations = unmissable!

London, Ibiza or Sydney?
Mmm…tough question, can I go to all 3 please?!

Describe Saturday's party in 3 words…
Bring It ON!

Interview by Hannah Davies (hannah@pukkaup.com)