Pukka Upminster! We launch at Platform 7 this Friday

We launch at Upmister's new hotspot Platform 7 this Friday. For those of you who don't know much about Upmisters newest hotspot we catch up with head honcho Jeff Whiley


How long have you guys been open for?

Platform 7, Upminster has been open since 21st of January so we're into our fifth week. And things are going great!


What makes Platform 7 a great night for your customers?

What makes Platform 7 a great place to be any day of the week is the hybrid we puposely set out to create. During the day we invite our guests to come and unwind with fresh bean coffee and delicious cakes/pastries or a cooked breakfast. Staying on for our light lunch menu and daily specials before creating a different atmosphere in the evenings to chill out and unwind with a glass of wine or a cold beer. Then obviously the weekends we challenge our guests to let their hair down, to party exclusively in a luxurious and tasteful venue.


Describe Platform 7 in 3 words...

Bar, Lounge, Cafe


Describe Platform 7 in 3 words…

Pukka Up have always been known to offer a unique and powerful themed night. And with our Friday and Saturday nights atmosphere already thriving, we want to mix it up and create a night where the people of Essex can experience all that in one.


How best would you describe the Pukka Up sound?

The Pukka Up Sound is a mix of pumping club sounds, echoing from the shores of its Ibiza parties, back to the house and electro that made it so famous in London. If most haven't haven't experienced a Pukka Up Party then nows the time to come down to P7. We are all about giving the music and the party back to the people, very similarly following the same ethos that Pukka Up offers itself. We can't wait to get the place pumping!


What are you looking forward to the most from Pukka Up at Platfrom 7?

What we are looking forward to most is the different atmosphere and buzz that we are hoping Pukka Up will create. Different DJ's, different sounds and a different vibe is what we are hoping to create, so hopefully everyone will get themselves down here for a night we here at Platform 7 cannot wait for!