We have taken a moment away from organising the biggest boat parties of Ibiza 2012 to take a look back at the story behind Pukka Up and how it’s grown to be one of the most respected clubbing brands. 

Firstly, how did Pukka up start?
In the backroom of the old Turnmills many moons ago, well 10 years.

And what’s the ethos behind the Pukka Up brand?
It’s all about the party, our ethos is simple, we want everyone to come and have a good time!

Tell us about your first year breaking into Ibiza, did everything go smoothly?
Being the first Brand to introduce boat parties to Ibiza was obviously difficult as the concept was unproven but after making it work now the blue print is copied by everyone.

And what about the logistics of running so many parties over the summer? How do you guys cope?
We have a holiday before and after the season which helps, and obviously a great team on the island!

With 4x boat parties a week, an after party at both Space and Ushuaia and even your own bar it sounds like 2012 is going to be an exciting year for Pukka Up, what are you most looking forward to?
The bar is a really exciting project, we’re working closely on the development and branding to make a bar that has something for everyone from a Casino to a Cinema, its in a great position and will really be a showcase for everything we can do.

Sounds great, do you have any more surprises in store for the 2012 season?
Things are always changing and we always get a few curve balls so you’ll have to watch this space.

What’s stood out as being your most memorable event whilst running Pukka Up parties, be it a good or bad memory?
Taking over the covered terrace at Space last summer was pretty much up there with the best of our events.

What does the Pukka Up team during the winter months?
It doesn’t stop, we run boat parties everywhere from Sydney to Miami and have a global club tour schedule!

What do we have to look forward to from Pukka Up Records?
We have lots of breakthrough artists coming through we’re really trying to capture the sound of our events and give up and coming producers to put there work on an international level.

And finally, if you could organise the biggest / best Pukka Up party, where would you hold it and who would be playing?
It would have to be the big man himself Carl Cox and seeing as we just did a boat in Miami with him it would have to be Ibiza!

Brilliant! Thanks Ed. To find out more about Pukka Up and their events in Ibiza, head over to the Pukka Up page.