Pukka Up Hits Brazil

We are extremely happy to announce that Pukka Up’s global expansion has now reached South America, where we’ve landed an exciting new contract in Brazil, with 40 new dates between 2014/15!

Over recent years, Pukka Up have expanded at a rapid rate, with over 300 annual events being held all across the map. This will, however, be our debut in South America, and we feel extremely lucky to now be able to host parties in such a colorful country.

Everyone knows that Brazil plays host to some of the world’s best parties – millions flock to Rio every year just for its carnival. Where better to host the world’s favorite boat party than the world’s leading party nation?

We’ve worked hard to select some of the best venues to hold our world- renowned parties over the entire nation. We're certain that Brazil's lively cities couldn’t be a more suited host to make them the greatest ones we’ve ever had.

We are a global brand, and this year Brazil is more on the map than ever before as billions turn their eyes towards their TV sets to watch the World Cup.

In the way that football brings nations together, Pukka Up unites them through house music and our feel- good, carefree ethos. House music is renowned for being loved all over the globe, and Brazil in particular has a solid history of the genre, and is still one of the key players today when it comes to pioneering dance music.

In June, you’ll find us partying in São Paulo and Brasilia. Then in July we’ll be again, in São Paulo, as well as Natal, Recife, and Maringá. In November, we’ll be shaking things up in Guarujá, and December, in Praia Preta and Ubatuba.

Pukka Up is honored to have Brazil join the Pukka Up family, and we wish the best of luck to the football team as they fight to keep their hands on that much coveted golden cup!