Pukka Up Hits Croatia

Big news just won’t stop flowing out from the Pukka Up HQ this summer…

In just a few weeks we will be making our debut in the beautiful country of Croatia, which, over recent years, has fast become the destination of choice for those in the know.

Dubbed as ‘The New Ibiza’, we feel like we couldn’t have thought of a more suitable destination for the world’s favourite boat party to lower its anchor next.

Of course, Ibiza is the home of Pukka Up, and we all know how beautiful the White Isle’s coastline is. However, with some of the most beautiful, raw and rugged coastline in the entire world, Croatia certainly gives Ibiza a run for its money- where could be more suited to share our blissed – out sunset boat party experience?

It’s not Ibiza, but Croatia certainly is a country in the know when it comes to music. It plays host to some of Britain’s favourite European festivals, playing cutting edge electronic music and year on year bringing in a cool crowd from all over the globe.

Combining everything from Balearic beats to funky, soulful house, along with our ethos for fun, flirtatious and free spirited clubbing, we are sure that the qualities that the islands share will make for an idyllic partnership between the two.

If not choosing Ibiza this summer, the discerning clubber now has the option to party with us just as hard in Croatia!

Often imitated, never better, the Pukka Up Boat Party truly is the original and no.1… Now in Croatia!