Pukka Up have got another cracking line-up for you this weekend!  

On Friday night we're heading back to Germany to showcase music from our very own DJ Rockwell Noize. GO! Club is known for its crazy nightlife so this will be a buzzing night with DJ Rockwell Noize playing some of the finest house music in the business.

So prepare yourself Germany to be blown away and to dance all night long!! 

On Saturday night we’re flying back to Manchester for our resident spot at Static Club. Sabato @ Static is the most recent addition to their roster of house nights and at Manchester’s newest and trendiest club, it’s the event which everyone is trying to get tickets for. Ibiza resident Marco Liv is fast becoming Scotland’s most sought after DJ, and guess what, he’s heading up Saturday night’s event! From numerous plays over the summer, his latest record has become a Pukka Up Ibiza Anthem, and is now on our record label. That’s not all we’ve got in store though, we’ve also got great sets from Adam Guy, Rob Callaghan, Pete Mobey and Paul Barno.

Don’t miss out on getting tickets for this event! Come and party with us for some true Manchester frivolity!