Ibiza Gossip

"Ibiza says no"Campaign Success

If you’ve paid a visit to the world’s most notorious party island in the last four years, it’s likely that you’ll have noticed the “Ibiza Says No” campaign led by DJ Carl Cox.

Scottish energy giant Cairn’s plans to exploit Ibiza’s beautiful coasts in search of oil have now fallen through after four years of strategic campaigning from locals, high- profile celebrities and environmental groups alike.

Tens of thousands signed a petition last year against hydrocarbon exploration in the Gulf of Valencia. The high profile campaign saw support from the likes of regular visitors of the island such as Kate Moss, and Sienna Miller.

The success of the campaign comes as huge news to its supporters, with Vincent Serra, the president of Ibiza’s local government, calling the work of the campaign “a triumph for Ibiza for all the effort made to reject a project that threatened our way of life, our environment and our welfare”.


New Supermarket Mercadona Opens in San Antonio

Central San Antonio is already home to many delightful amenities, from its strip clubs to its health stores, but something that it really has needed is a new large- scale supermarket.

Situated at the top of San Antonio next to the roundabout between Calle Juan Sebastian Bach and Cami de Cas Ramons on, the supermarket not only has just about everything you could want at very reasonable prices, its high position means that it also has some of the most incredible views of Ibiza’s notorious little party town.

The opening of this place in April will definitely have been music to tourist and worker’s ears alike, bringing with it new jobs and making our lives a little bit easier.

The four million pound investment is open Monday to Saturday, 09.00- 21.30 and has ample parking spaces underneath.


Time For Tapas

Just a short stroll away from central San Antonio, Tapas restaurant is famed for being one of the best of its kind.

The dark and dusty track that leads to the restaurant feels ever so mysterious and once greeted by the friendly staff we knew we weren’t going to be disappointed.

Not only does it have many tasty authentic Spanish dishes, it also boasts a fair few original ones, (the ‘popeye’ being one of our faves) all very reasonably priced. 

For those of you who are missing your home comforts, these guys are also well known for having one of the most amazing Sunday roasts around.

Make sure to book yourselves in as this place is always full! We will certainly be coming back.