Pukka Up Presents the Love Mobile at Street Parade 2015

This summer, the international dance music brand Pukka Up will be coming to Street Parade, bringing a slice of their Balearic style to this international dance event.

The Street Parade is the largest of its kind, with close to one million people attending each year from all across the globe. Taking place in Zurich, Switzerland, it has been compared to Berlin’s famous Love Parade, and is Zurich’s largest annual event.

Around 30 Love Mobiles, brightly decorated trucks packed with giant music systems, DJs, and party people drive at walking pace through the crowd of people around Lake Zurich.

Pukka Up will be hosting one of these Love Mobiles for the first time ever at one of the largest techno parties in the world, joined by DJs The Beat Rockers, Rockwell Noize, Marko Liv, Levi Blind, and many more.

It's more than just a boat party…