Pukka Up Selects Three Charities to Support Throughout Summer 2018

To celebrate the launch of our 2018 summer program, Pukka Up will be spreading the love and supporting three amazing charities this summer, each aiming to tackle both global issues and those more local to Ibiza. Through significant donations and collections during the events, we aim to provide invaluable support and funding to assist in the organisations objectives to make a difference…


Events bring people together, events create magical moments, events celebrate humanity, culture and life.


Pukka Up was established 16 years ago this March, during this monumental period we have partied with over 3 million people across the world. It’s the people that make our parties so special, it’s the people that have helped us create so many memories and it’s the people that make us get out of bed, push harder and push further each and every day. Without the people, we wouldn’t be where we are today.


The Pukka Up team truly believe that an event can change a life, change a society and change a perception. The feelings, emotion and connection that can be developed through an event is beyond anything we can comprehend. It’s that connection that makes us all human, we may make friends, we may find love, we may experience a culture or we may learn to understand ourselves more thoroughly. All through the interaction with the people we are surrounded by on the dancefloor.  


While we try and do everything within our power to achieve such a connection within our events, there are many people battling global and local issues, trying to change the world through charitable work. These people impact other lives each and every day, make incredible contributions to society and work tirelessly to achieve a vision and do so with compassion, accountability, transparency and excellence. These are the people that make connections.


Many of the aforementioned individuals and groups operate solely on charitable donations, without such, would cease to operate. Without donations, people, animals, environments and ecosystems would become forgotten, less integrated or devalued. For this reason, Pukka Up will be supporting three charities with a significant donation at the start of our summer programme and will be collecting further funds during the pre-parties, funds that have been collected from our amazing customers and team during previous events. We will continue collections throughout summer 2018 at our infamous pre-parties and through guest list spaces to continue to raise further funds and provide invaluable support to those who are doing such amazing work.


Here’s who we are supporting.

Human Appeal

Seeking trust, respect, empowerment and compassion, Human Appeal are a global humanitarian and development organisation championing humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence through the transformation of local communities. Most recently, Human Appeal set out to collect 21,000 coats in a bid to keep rough sleepers living in the UK warm during the cold winter months.


A non-profit organisation operating on our beloved island, APNEEF aims to foster inclusiveness for children and adults between the ages of 0 and 18 with special needs, be it physical, mental, sensory and cognitive. Aiming to support and develop the young, the charity wishes to increase children’s quality of life and integration into society to create a better path for future life. The charity holds craft workshops, therapeutic services, speech therapy services and social care amongst a plethora of activities.

Sa Coma Eivissa

We aim to support all areas of Ibiza and we would be lost without man’s best friend. The individuals volunteering at Sa Coma are currently overwhelmed with the number of dogs and cats abandoned on the island. The team works tirelessly to offer mistreated animals with veterinary care, feeding and loving the animals back to health before accommodating the animals until they are fostered or rehomed. Receiving an average of 30 to 40 animals per week, resources have become stretched, and all support is vital to ensure the dedicated team can continue their magnificent work. #PukkaPup