Our Must See Sunset Spots!

As well as being a world-famous party island Ibiza is also one of great natural beauty and home to some of the best sunsets the world has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a spiritual awakening or simply want to see off the end of a beautiful day in paradise with a cocktail in hand, there’s a place for everyone on the island to take in the iconic moment. 

Es Vedra 

The famous Es Vedra rock is not only one of the islands most recognisable landmarks but is also the place to watch a breath-taking sunset. The rock which is surrounded by myths and legends is rumoured to be the third most magnetic points of the earth after the North Pole and Bermuda Triangle. This claim has never been proven but it is said to be the reason why people are lured back to the beautiful island time and time again, which we can definitely agree with! 

The magic surrounding Es Vedra makes it the most spiritual sunset spot on the island and is a prime location for yoga and meditation rituals. Whether it’s the magnetic forces emitted or due to the fact that it’s arguably one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever see, it will definitely draw you back!


Café Mambo is one of the most well known sunset spots on the island and is located in a prime position on the San Antonio sunset strip. Everyday herds of people do a quick drinks run to the local shop and then line the rocky beach to get the perfect position to see the daily glimpse of heaven.

With a soundtrack provided by various world renowned Dj’s who take the sunset slot at Mambos, It’s a magical moment to see the sky change to a glowing orange as the sun lowers before eventually disappearing below the horizon. Get ready to cheer as the whole beach claps to mark the end of another beautiful day in paradise! 

Golden Buddha 

This is one of San Antonio’s hidden gems, as well as providing a perfect view of the sunset you can watch it on big comfy sofas and with a cocktail in hand! (The mango & raspberry daquiris are a personal favourite of ours). 

There is a relaxing Bali vibe about the venue with gold embellished umbrellas and of course a Big Buddha! This is the perfect place to go for a bit of luxury to sit back and relax with delicious food & drinks and cheers to the end of another beautiful day on the white isle. 

Pukka Up Boat 

Now obviously we’re biased, but in our opinion you just can’t beat a sunset at sea! There’s something so magical about being out at sea, surrounded by all of the natural beauty Ibiza has to offer, away from the real world, arm in arm with your best mates and with an undisturbed view of the iconic Ibiza sunset. 

Having danced your way around the island, as the sun goes down the music changes to a soundtrack of some nostalgic Ibiza classics provided by our Pukka Up resident Dj’s ready for that magical sunset moment…unbeatable!