Travelling to Ibiza? Here’s everything you need to know!

What are the entry requirements for U.K. residents travelling to Ibiza in 2022.

You’re packed and ready to go! Your PUKKA UP boat is booked and the taxi is on its way to take you to the airport….other than a passport and maybe a driving licence what do you need… 

We have included the official blurb below but the basics are….you need your NHS App with a QR code to show you have had Covid vaccinations. 

You may also require a Spanish Health (SPTH)QR code which requires your details and vaccinations. How to apply is in section b( below). This is sometimes not required if you have your NHS App but it’s best to register.

1. If you travel to Spain by air (except for children under 12 years of age and those in international transit) regardless of the country of origin of the trip (including Spaniards returning home), you must have one of these documents:

a) An EU Digital COVID Certificate or equivalent. Check here if your certificate is considered equivalent by the issuing country. It has been suggested that the NHS App containing your COVID Pass will be accepted on arrival.

Upon your arrival at the airport, you will have to follow indications for the Orange Way.

b) If you do not have an EU Digital COVID Certificate or equivalent, you must complete a health control form before your departure. You can do it through the https://www.spth.gob.es/ website or the Spain Travel Health app for Android devices or iOS.

Once completed, you will obtain a QR code that you will have to present both at the time of boarding and upon arrival in Spain.

Upon your arrival at the airport, you will have to follow indications for the Blue Way.

Masks are required when travelling to ibiza by air, but as from April 20th they are no longer required in Spain or the islands except in taxis, public transport and hospitals or surgeries. 

Currently when returning to the U.K. you don’t require any additional checks or passes.

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(Last updated: Thursday 21st April 2022)